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2017年1月 6日 (金)

珍しくも私が国内盤を入手:Ricardo Grilliの"1954"。

"1954" Ricardo Grilli(自主制作盤→Core Port)


では,なぜこのアルバムを購入したのか?もともと,このアルバム,Pledge Musicで購入者を募っていたようだが,そんなことは露知らずの私であった。しかし,メンツを見れば,この盤に注目したくなるのが当然と言うべき人たちがバックを固めている。James Farmの同僚,Aaron ParksとEric Harlandのコンビに,Joe Martinが加わるのである。これは相当期待してしまうのが人情というものである。

そして,いかにもコンテンポラリーなジャズ・ギターという感じの音を聞かせるリーダーの演奏はかなり魅力的である。ブラジル出身とは言え,ブラジル音楽的なところはほとんど感じさせないと言ってよく,あくまでもジャズの文脈で作曲,演奏をする人だと思える。テクニックもしっかりしているし,聞きどころの多いアルバムである。そして,リーダーを煽るEric Harlandのドラムスが効いていて,特にアップ・テンポの曲での効果は絶大である。Aaron Parksは相変わらずのうまさを聞かせるし,Joe Martinの堅実なサポートぶりも魅力的である。

こうした人脈に恵まれることも,この人の実力ゆえであろうが,NYCのジャズ・シーンには魅力的なギタリストがまだまだいるのだということを強く感じさせてくれる作品。まだまだ日本では名前が知られているとは言い難いが,今後への期待も込めて,星★★★★☆としよう。でも謝辞にWayne Krantzの名前があるのはちょっと意外。レッスンでも受けたのかな?


Recorded in 2016

Personnel: Ricardo Grilli(g), Aaron Parks(p), Joe Martin(b), Eric Harland(ds)

« 年始は賑やかなSmappiesを聞いて,改めてSMAP解散を惜しむ。 | トップページ | 今年最初の映画は「ローグ・ワン」。 »




Thank you for listening Toshiya. Did my best to read with google translate! All the best from NY


Thanks for accessing my blog. Your album was so nice and I enjoyed a lot. Frankly speaking, it would be quite tough for Google to accurately translate my article into English. If you need any assistance, I can tranlate whole article into English by myself. Please don't hesitate to put your comments again only if you want it.



You're right, google translate is far from adequate to the japanese language.
If it's not a lot of trouble I'd love to see it properly translated but once again only if it's not going to take much of your time.
Thank you.




Thanks for your interest.

Here is what I am saying in this article. I tried to translate as accurate as possible, and I hope you like it.


“Subject: It is quite rare for me to have a Japanese edition CD: '1954' by Ricardo Grilli”

When purchasing CD, I prefer to have imported one, and it is quite rare to buy Japanese edition unless it contains rare bonus tracks and such. I don't need any Japanese liner notes which usually don't have any added values to me. With the progress of internet, it is quite easy to get information about musicians and it is meaningless for me to have liner notes by Japanese writers.

Then, how come I purchased this Japanese edition? I did not notice that this CD was on PledgeMusic, though, currently I can get it only through download in Japan except this Japanese edition CD. If I had noticed the personnel at that time, I would have paid more attention to this CD as a pledger. Aaron Parks and Eric Harland from James Farm are joined by Joe Martin. It is quite promising personnel and natural for me to expect a lot.

And the performance by the leader, Ricardo Grilli has a contemporary feeling and it sounds very attractive to me. He seems to be originally from Brazil, though, I don't feel so much Brazilian taste, and I assume that he basically plays and composes based on Jazz idiom. He shows the excellent technique and I believe that this album has a lot of noteworthy points. And Eric Harland pushes and stimulates the performance especially in fast-tempo tunes. Aaron Parks shows his talents as usual and Joe Martin supports steadily with nice sounds.

It is quite fortunate for Ricardo Grilli to play with such talented musicians, and I believe that his talent made it possible. In any case, this album proves that there are so many attractive guitar players in NYC even though they are sometimes unknown to me. Ricardo Grilli's name is not so prevalent at this time in Japan, though, I would give this album 4 1/2 stars with the expectation of upcoming activities. Unexpectedly, I can find Wayne Krantz's name in the "Thanks" list, and I am assuming Wayne gave him a lesson.

And he seems to be an alumnus of NYU as well as myself and it sympathizes me more than usual. I found the live performance video on YouTube and I am attaching the link to that file. The live performance itself is also made by very good musicians.

Dear Toshiya,

Thank you very much for the kind words! Happy you enjoyed the record. In response to the last sentences Wayne was indeed my teacher, one of the best along with Mark Turner, he helped me a lot with my first record and with knowledge for this one. Also if you're interested there are now some short videos of the actuall CD band, me, aaron, joe and eric playing at smalls on my youtube. Once again thank you very much for listening and translating.




My pleasure! I do hope your huge success in your music life and I will keep watiching your activities.

And Wayne Krantz is one of my favorite guitar players and I was lucky enough to witness his live performance for three times last year. Twice at 55 Bar during my business trip and once in Tokyo. He is a great guy and you have a good mentor.



Thank you so much for the support Toshiya!

I'm planning to come to the Cotton Club with my group soon and hope we get to meet in person! Wayne is indeed a great guy and also a serious artist with a clear identity. Definitely one of my models.

Much success to your blog and talk soon!


Thanks for your notes. I would be absolutely happy to see you in Tokyo. I will access to your web site to directly contact you if possible to be ready for your live performance. Looking forward to meeting you and your performance at Cotton Club, which is one of the best venues to enjoy live music in Tokyo.







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